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Welcome from our President

Community Bankers’ Bank is the only bankers’ bank headquartered in and conducting business throughout the Fifth Federal Reserve District.  We are committed to exclusively serving community financial institutions as a partner.  Founded in 1986 by a group of community bankers for the purpose of establishing a bank for banks and bankers; we have remained true to that mission for over 25 years.

Please explore this web site and learn of the ways our technology, financial services, and operations expertise help community-oriented institutions remain true to their missions of serving local businesses and individuals.

Through our partnership with FNBB Capital Markets, we offer an excellent suite of investment services and products.  Our focus is to help clients maximize their investments by providing timely advice and responsive trading. 

Regular communications with clients and friends include a weekly economic update, as well as solutions and offerings for unique services that solve problems or improve efficiency and economic returns.  Our economic update, Trends, helps clients and friends stay current on market conditions affecting their investment decisions.  CB Solutions, archived on the website, targets responsibility-specific bank officers who can review them for applicability and action.

Clients communicate with us for daily operations through CBLink, our secure, online technology that allows access to Fed services typically offered through Fedline Advantage and FedWeb.  We also communicate with clients the old-fashioned way.  There is sometimes no substitute for face-to-face conversation or a low-tech telephone call to better understand clients’ needs.

Community Bankers’ Bank is fortunate to have loyal shareholders and clients that value what we do and maintaining these strong relationships is important to us.



Howard F. Pisons

President & CEO