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Additional Credit Services

Appraisal Review

Regulatory oversight and supervision has made it more difficult for community banks to manage the loan appraisal process.  To address this ongoing concern, Community Bankersí Bank (CBB) offers independent loan and internal quality control reviews to clients throughout the Fifth Federal Reserve District through our partnership with Colliers International Valuation and Advisory Services.  CBB, along with Colliers International, will assure your bank that the credit decisions you make are based on sound collateral evaluations and comply with any and all regulations related to Dodd-Frank, USPAP, and FIRREA.

CBB Mortgage Solutions 

All banks struggle with the increasing regulatory oversight and compliance issues related to mortgage lending.  CBB has responded to this need with an affinity program offering banks a simple alternative to serve and retain their customers.  CBB Mortgage Solutions allows you to offer a full suite of mortgage products, including USDA, HARP, and state programs, without adding additional staff or risk, and providing a predictable revenue stream of non-interest income to your bank.

Municipal Leasing Program

CBB, in partnership with Community Leasing Partners, offers local municipalities a lease-purchase option on essential equipment and real estate.  The leases offer CRA credit, and are tax exempt.  You have the ability to develop local relationships with the assurance that all municipal documentation will meet current legal requirements, without additional overhead to your bank.