Cash Management

As a Community Bankers’ Bank (“CBB”) cash management client, you are assured that your bank’s available funds are fully invested daily to maximize yield.  We monitor available balances every day and sweep money in and out of Fed Funds when necessary to cover your bank’s DDA account.  We also provide a detailed daily Fed Funds position statement.  Our cash management product and pricing remain competitive in the marketplace.

Your bank can maximize operational efficiencies with CBB’s automated and professionally managed cash management products.  Time usually spent on monitoring positions, often with multiple accounts, moving funds between those accounts and daily phone calls to manage your own funds is eliminated.  All of those functions are performed by CBB. 




  • Automatic sweep of all excess balances into overnight fed funds or the Federal Reserve Bank Excess Balance Account ("EBA")
  • Elimination of all daylight and overnight overdrafts, NSF expense and the pledging of securities
  • Reduction of operations effort to manage your daily cash position and investment decisions
  • Access to DDA Account collected target balance, previous day's returned Fed Funds balances as well as established Fed Funds Facility when processing customer wire transfers throughout the day