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Asset/Liability Management

Asset/Liability Management professionals demand solutions that enable sophisticated dynamic modeling and financial statement simulation using the latest financial techniques. 


Community Bankersí Bank brings customers the power of BankWare ALM4 through our partnership with FNBB Capital Markets.  This system provides complete multidimensional analysis of the balance sheet, incorporating interest rate risk, income simulation and market valuation using deterministic and stochastic modeling.


The program includes:

  • Flexible, scalable component-based architecture and object-oriented modeling environment.
  • Unlimited modeling capabilities and unlimited flexibility in the definition of business assumptions.
  • Tight integration with Microsoft Excel to provide flexible and powerful reporting.


  • Measures risk from both the accounting and economic perspectives to see the possible effects to net interest income, net income, and market value of portfolio equity under a variety of interest rate environments.
  • Projects cash flows, earnings, projected reinvestment, and projected present values as they would develop over time based on assumptions you provide.  The process is repeated for other interest rate scenarios to measure differences.
  • Provides a more accurate assessment of risk to earnings at a given time vs. GAP analysis because of the ability to measure fluctuations in earnings for given rate scenarios over given time periods.