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International Services

CBB’s international services provide our client banks a safe and efficient means for their customers to send funds globally and to complete various international transactions. By doing so, this allows your bank to maintain and expand your customer relationships instead of directing your customers to larger institutions for international services.


Our foreign services partner, Western Union Business Solutions, is the world’s largest foreign exchange specialist and non-bank provider of international payments.  Working through CBB, you can solve that unique foreign payment or collection issue that your customer may have. Two solutions, “Drafts on Demand” and “My Travel Wallet”, can be placed within your customer’s control.  They do the work and you keep the customer.


“Drafts on Demand” allows you to issue foreign drafts quickly and conveniently from your office and “My Travel Wallet” is a link on your website that allows your customers to order foreign currency and “Cash Passport” cards.  Each of these products generates a fee for you for each use.


 Services and Benefits

  • Foreign currency orders and shipments
  • Foreign currency delivered overnight to your office
  • International wires available in over 30 currencies
  • International Bank Drafts
  • Competitive rates on international transactions
  • Access to international services through CBLink
  • Swift messaging
  • International cash letters and check collections
  • Fixed and Open Forward Contracts
  • "Desktop Drafts"
  • "My Travel Wallet"