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Loan Participations

Perhaps you need to make a loan to a valuable customer that will cause you to exceed a lending limit or a concentration level for a particular sector of your business community. Maybe your loan to deposit ratio is such that you need to add earning assets to your portfolio quickly. Community Bankers' Bank loan participation service has a solution to meet your needs. Whatever the need, we will:

  • Give you a strong indication of interest within 48 hours
  • Allow you to satisfy the borrowing needs of your customers without risking the loss of these profitable relationships to a competitor.
  • Evaluate structure and pricing of participations
  • Assist you in analyzing credit risk through our detailed underwriting
  • Determine if a participation can be successfully syndicated, if needed
  • Find banks outside your market that are willing to take a role in a participation
  • Eliminate your administration burden and therefore allow your lending staff to be more efficient and focus their efforts on new and existing customers
  • Offer your bank the opportunity to purchase properly structured, advantageously priced participations managed by CBB or one of our members
  • Help you grow and diversify your loan portfolio

CBB uses technology in independent underwriting, together with a skilled and professional staff to create greater value in loan participations.